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Pete in SedonaPeter Laurina is an avid runner who enjoys the trails or the road but is not a fan of having to wait for traffic lights while on a run. He ran cross country and track in middle and high school, but gave it up for rugby while attending Seton Hall University. He rediscovered running 6 years later and became addicted once again.

He grew up in New Jersey and had lived half his life in North Carolina when he decided to move out to Colorado. He has a BS in Computer Science and works as a software engineer. He lived in Vail Colorado for two years before then spending a year in Santa Barbara/Solvang, California. He returned to Colorado where he decided to be a ski bum for a year in Summit County, Colorado before finally realizing those student loans will not disappear on their own and moving down to Denver to return to the real world.

In October of 2009 he drove himself to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. You know something is wrong when you walk in and say: “Can’t” “breath” to the nurses at the emergency room and they do not ask your name and immediately bring you to the back and put you on oxygen. He was kept in the hospital for 2 nights because they found he had 60% oxygen in his blood (Hypoxemia), where 90% is considered low. He was told he had asthma, but being stubborn, he refused to believe it and decided it was time to follow through on his old high school goal of completing an Ironman.

24 Hours... the RunCardio had not been a part of his life for some time and although mentally he remembered being able to run low 18 minute 5k’s (18:17 PR), he couldn’t run a mile without gasping for air. So, instead, he started swimming 3 days/week for the first 3 months. Then added 3 days of cycling for the next 3 months. Finally, 6 months after being in the hospital he tried to run again. He still remembers just how horrible those first two months of running were to him.

Two weeks before his first half Ironman distance race (10months after being in the hospital), he was hit by a car on his bike on his way home from work. Lucky he walked away, but the bike was totaled, but he was able to complete the triathlon anyway.

He ran his first marathon in Sedona in February of 2010, thinking “It’s Arizona, it’ll be warm, flat, and at low altitude”…. WRONG! 2000ft of climbing, snow, and 4000 feet in altitude… He ran a 4:02. A month later he decided to push his limits and see what just how far he can go by trying his first ultra marathon: “24 Hours… The Run” in Moab, Utah… in which he completed 48miles over 14 hours, which included time spent grilling a cheeseburger for himself.

He ran the San Diego Marathon in 2010, where he decided to try to push his limits again. Being on pace for a 3:05 marathon at mile 22 he exploded and learned the true meaning of the word “bonk”. He finished in 3:31, but set a half marathon PR during the first half.

IMAZ bikeHe completed his Ironman in November of 2010 in Arizona with a middle of the pack time of 13:28.

Denver Marathon, as Greek WarriorsHe took two months off from activities and realized his life was now missing something that it had over the last two years, running. He went back at it, but this time focused on just getting out there to enjoy each step along the way. Since the Ironman, he has run a 50km race in Gunnison, CO, the Leadville 50mile trail run, the Denver Marathon (once while wearing 20+ lbs of greek warrior armor… yes, metal helmet, shield and sword… while wearing luna bearfoot sandals), the Austin Marathon, and made an attempted at running the Leadville 100 mile trail run (being turned back at Hope Pass for going to slow ~45miles).

Now, he is returning to Leadville in 2012 to try the 100miler again, but wanted to make another desire a reality… this book. While training for a 100miler you run a lot. He used to travel a lot for work and knows how hard it is to find a good (and SAFE!) place to run when you are stuck at a hotel in a city you do not know. The front desk staff are typically not much help and you are doomed to either go out on your own or hit the treadmill at the hotel. If you love to run, treadmills are often a last resort and what better way to see a city than to go out and run?

1983 WinnebagoGoing hand and hand with being a little bit crazy, a friend and he bought a $1500, 30 year old, 30 foot long Winnebago RV for the running groups they are a part of in Denver. This same friend is also a co-conspirator in the idea of running a marathon as greek warriors… so stupid antics are obviously normal. That is when the perfect storm occurred: RV + Leadville training + 3 weeks of my vacation from work spent running 15-20miles/day around the southwest to document the trails!

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  1. jon mullane says:

    Holy Cr**! Pete last time I saw you you were a little kid!!! Still have that same face!

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